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The First Lady of The Talkies

Honor Queen Norma

Edith Norma Shearer
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This community is dedicated to the First Lady of the talkies, Norma Shearer. If you are a fan of Norma or simply have no idea who she is this is the place to discover her or learn more about her. Pictures, Fanart, Icons, and discussions about this screen Siren are permitted in this community.

Rules: No bashing Norma or her films, it's okay to not be fond of a film but In no way are you allowed to say she or her movies sucked. Never take any piece of art submitted in this community and take the credit for yourself. NO HOTLINKING. and no taking art unless you consent the creator unless stated otherwise. Discussions of other actresses are allowed but no comparing Norma to any of them. No insulting the moderators or members. No promoting communities unless you consult the moderator. If you fail to follow any of these rules you will be BANNED no questions asked.

Please fill out the following application:
How You Discovered Norma:
Favorite Norma Film(s):
Films you own:
Favorite Actors:
Favorite Actresses:
Films of Norma's your not fond of:
A strange trait about yourself:
How did you find this community:
Why you should be in this community:

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1925 studio tour, a clouded name, a free soul, a lady of chance, a slave of fashion, after midnight, blue water, broadway after dark, channing of the northwest, escape, excuse me, he who gets slapped, her cardboard lover, his secretary, hollywood goes to town, idiot's delight, lady of the night, let us be gay, lucretia lombard, man and wife, marie antoinette, pleasure mad, pretty ladies, private lives, riptide, romeo and juliet, screen snapshots, smilin' through, strange interlude, strangers may kiss, the actress, the bootleggers, the christmas party, the demi-bride, the devil's circus, the devil's partner, the divorcee, the flapper, the latest from paris, the leather pushers, the man who paid, the restless sex, the slippery pearls, the snob, the stealers, the tower of lies, the waning sex, the wanters, the wolf man, the women, their own desire, torchy's millions, upstage, voices across the sea, waking up the town, way down east, we were dancing